Life Outside of My Studio


I always spend every spare moment I can muster in my studio, but sometimes there are no spare moments to be had.  Last week was one of those times.  My goal is to post at least once per week to keep myself motivated and let you know what’s been going on.  However, since nothing happened in my studio last week, I’ve decided to make a new category titled ‘Life Outside of my Studio’ (because that happens sometimes).

Last week was full of kids’ activities.  Tuesday and Thursday held basketball practice for my middle child.  She also had two games on Saturday and played wonderfully in both.  My son, the youngest, had Tae Kwon Do on Wednesday,  after which, the whole family went to a spaghetti dinner fund raiser.  The food was yummy and it was a nice break from cooking.  On Friday, my oldest had her first Valentine’s day with a boyfriend (I can’t believe she’s old enough for a bf already, yike!!).

To top off the scatter of three active children, I also hold a part time job.  I usually work about 18 hours per week, but last week they sprung 33 hours on me!  I appreciate the extra pay that comes with the extra hours… I just don’t care for the extra work that comes with the extra hours, lol.

Our smokehouse with 100 pounds of ring bologna.

Our smokehouse with 100 pounds of ring bologna.

And, finally, for the cherry of the week, my adoring husband surprised me with the task of making ring bologna over the weekend.  Yesterday we took 50 pounds of venison and 50 pounds of pork up to my in-laws house to grind, mix and season.  We then stuffed 100 pounds of ring bologna and are smoking it today.  It should be ready to be packaged and put into the freezers sometime this evening.

Looking back at the week, it seems like I squeezed in quite a bit of activity.  I successfully navigated children, work and home.  I even finished up my tax paperwork!  That being said, my mind is screaming for some downtime in my studio.  We’ll see what next week brings!


2 thoughts on “Life Outside of My Studio

  1. colleen

    You had a very busy week and sounds like you handled it all gracefully and generously. that being said if you do not take care of yourself you cannot in the long term take care of others. You are fabulous but please take Rebecca time–don’t squeeze it in when there is nothing else to do.

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